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Theravine Luxury Packages

Theranaka Signature Package: R1 150

3 Hour 15 Minute Treatment


Welcome Ritual

A powerful synergy of essential oils that will cleanse, purify and refresh the mind and body during a welcoming ritual.

Body Exfoliation

A cleansing preparatory body scrub made with 100% natural blend of marula oil and sandalwood to effectively eliminate dead skin cells for a silky soft and radiant skin.

Purification Ritual

Abdominal stress release – by using African storm body oil, fennel will help flatulence and aid digestion while ginger is detoxfying, warming and soothing..

African Wood Full Body Massage

Mimicking the rhythmical patterns of an African dance, the Theranaka signature massage blends light stretching techniques and specially designed body and facial wooden implements to relax and restore your weary body. Being drizzled with a warm olive and shea butter ointment, will nourish and heal dry skin whilst experiencing blissful relaxation and rejuvenation.

African Body Embalment (Wrap)

Let your mind drift off whilst you are cocooned in a comforting envelopment of fragrant oils and African wraps.

Scalp Massage

Deeply nourishing and relaxing African inspired massage treatment that soothe away tension.

Greeting Ritual

The rain stick replicates the soothing sound of rain drops falling to gently awaken you.

Shower and Self Application of Body Lotion

A refreshing shower followed by a self application of Theranaka baobab body lotion.

Wash and Blow Wave

Hair will be washed and dried allowing you to leave completely invigorated

* Contra-indications : Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Wheat Allergies, Sunflower Seeds and Nut Allergies.

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