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Loyalty Card

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Apply for your Logique Loyalty Card in-store right now, and benefit even more from Logique’s Loyalty benefit program. Fill in an application section and hand it over to our receptionist who will then process the application.
Wait for your Logique Loyalty Card
On receipt of your application, you will enjoy all the benefits of the Loyalty Program immediately and start earning Logique Miles from your immediate purchase.

Your Loyalty Card will take a week to be issued to you.


How do I earn Logique miles
Every time you swipe your Loyalty Card at the till you will automatically earn Logique Miles.

You will become eligible to earn bonus points when you introduce a new customer to Logique de Beaute by completing a new customer referral card.

Use your Logique Loyalty Card and reap the REWARDS
Your Logique Loyalty Card is a reward card – the more your spend at Logique on Products or Treatments, the more rewards you get by earning Logique Miles.

When making an appointment , first notify the receptionist of your Logique Loyalty Card Number so that your treatments are logged onto our records and you will accumulate Logique Miles.

When making a purchase at Logique, first present your card at the till point, to be scanned in so that your purchase are logged onto our records and you will accumulate Logique Miles.

Logique Loyalty Program Benefits
  • You will earn Loyalty miles each and every time you make a purchase or receive treatments at Logique.
  • You will be eligible to enter Logique’s Monthly Lucky Draws to win gift vouchers and product hampers.
  • You will earn double bonus miles on special products and services that Logique promotes for the month .
  • Be invited to Preview Logique’s Promotional Products before it goes on offer to others.
  • Become eligible for Logique’s regular special offers , in-store events and exclusive promotions.
  • Earn bonus points when you introduce a new customer who receives treatments or makes purchases at Logique.
Redeeming Logique Miles
The Logique Miles may be redeemed against any purchases or services at Logique de Beaute’ throughout the year.

The Loyalty Client must present the Logique Loyalty Card at the till point in order to redeem the points from this Loyalty Card.

Read the Rules

After all, true Customers would never ignore the small print.

  • Membership is open to all Logique de Beaute’ Clients
  • Only goods purchased at the full or indicated retail prices qualify for Logique Miles unless otherwise stated.
  • The Logique miles cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Purchases of gift vouchers do not qualify for Logique Miles.
  • To earn your Logique Miles you must present your card before your purchase has been rung up at the till.
  • Reward Gift Vouchers can be redeemed only when presented with the Logique Loyalty Card bearing the same membership number.
  • Reward Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against any purchases in the form of services or product purchases and are valid until their expiry date. They are not exchangeable for cash.
  • A lost or stolen Reward Gift Voucher will not be replaced or refunded.
    Logique de Beaute’ reserves the right to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Logique Loyalty Club program or to terminate the programme or any membership at any time, without notice.
  • To be entered into any lucky draw’s , the loyalty client must post their Logique cash sale slip into the relevant lucky draw box.
  • The judges decision is final for all lucky draw competitions.
  • No prizes or vouchers may be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  • Positive identification is required to redeem Logique Miles , Prizes and vouchers.

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