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Lamelle Research Laboratories is a biotechnology research company that manufactures products locally for the South African market with a special interest in osmetic dermatology.

Logique de Beaute’ is an accredited Lamelle Clinic that offers many specialized treatments and products for the improvement and management of many skin conditions successfully.


Essentials Age Prevent Treatment (60 min): R565

Essentials Hydration Treatment (60 min): R565

Essentials Purity Deep Cleanse Treatment (60 min): R565


Beta Peel (45 min)

Treatment for epidermal pigmentation and brightening . Preparation before and during & appropriate after care is compulsory.
Beta Peel 15%: R585
Beta Peel 20%: R700
Beta Peel 30%: R815

MELA-VITA (Specifically management of Melasma) (60 min): R5300

A comprehensive kit with a peel and mask for in-salon application together with home care to assist in the healing process, calm inflammation and inhibit the production of pigmentation.

Beta Peel Plus (45 min)

An anti-inflammatory treatment effective for the removal of commedones and congestion.
Beta Peel Plus 15%: R515
Beta Peel 20%: R625

Azeac Peel System ( 45 min): R730

It is a comfortable leave on peel that contains ingredients that are focused on actively managing inflammatory acne.

Lacti-Firm & Alpha Peel (60 min)

Peel for plumper, hydrated ,brighter skin & photo ageing .
Option A = Growth factor mask: R730
Option B = Alginate mask + serum: R790

Lamelle Retistore Peel (15 min): R1 100

Indicated for pigmentation irregularities, textural changes and dull skin. (Visible flaking of skin from day 3 – 5)

Lamelle Rice Bran AO Peel System (45 min) : R600

An age prevention leave on peel. Improving skin texture, brightness and product penetration.wice the strength of Retistore.

Lamelle Retistore Plus (15 min): R1 300

Twice the strength of Retistore.

Retinol Serum – Add on Treatment: R180

A booster to increase cell turnover, enhancing skin shedding with regeneration and anti-ageing properties.

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