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Davines Hair Treatments

Welcome to Logique de Beaute, where each visit is more than just a hair treatment; it’s a journey towards sustainable beauty and wellness. Nestled in the heart of Overport, Durban, our salon stands as a beacon of excellence in hair care, proudly partnering with Davines to bring you an array of services that not only cater to your hair’s unique needs but also tread lightly on our planet.

Discover Davines: In our quest for providing exceptional hair care, we’ve embraced Davines for its steadfast commitment to crafting products that are kind to your hair and the environment. With a philosophy deeply rooted in sustainability, Davines ensures that every product from their line is designed to bring out the best in your hair while honoring their pledge to the earth.Davines Hair Treatments

Exclusive Davines NaturalTech Treatments: At Logique, we understand that hair care is a personal journey, which is why we offer Davines NaturalTech treatments, tailored to address a variety of hair concerns:

  • Energizing Treatment: Perfect for those battling hair thinning or alopecia, this treatment is a haven for fragile hair.
  • Reconstruction Treatment: Dry, brittle hair is revitalized, receiving the moisture and nourishment it craves.
  • Purifying Treatment: Say goodbye to dandruff with our targeted antiseptic treatment, leaving your scalp refreshed.
  • Calming Treatment: Sensitive scalps find solace and relief, thanks to our soothing solutions.
  • Detoxifying Treatment: Expose your hair and scalp to a detox session, rejuvenating them from environmental stressors.
  • Essential Treatment: For daily care, this treatment offers a foundation of excellence for every hair type.

The Circle Chronicles by Davines: Beyond our NaturalTech line, The Circle Chronicles provide targeted solutions for every hair dream:

  • Quick Fix Circle: Instantly hydrates and smooths, for when time is of the essence.
  • Spotlight Circle: Dazzle with extraordinary shine and moisture, every day.
  • Renaissance Circle: Damaged hair finds its revival, restoring health, shine, and softness.
  • Wake-Up Circle: Energize your hair and scalp to revive their natural vitality.
  • Purity Circle: A deep cleanse for your hair and scalp, purifying them of daily pollutants and toxins.

A Tailored Experience at Logique: We believe in the uniqueness of every client. Our qualified therapists offer personalized consultations, recommending the perfect Davines treatment and products tailored just for you.

Your Visit to Logique: Step into our salon and be enveloped in an atmosphere of relaxation and joy. Our space is designed to make you feel at home, ensuring each visit is a memorable part of your beauty journey.

Get in Touch: We’re here to transform your hair and ensure you leave Logique looking and feeling your best. To book your Davines hair treatment, call us at 031 208 0160, 031 208 1008, or 083 777 2256. Find us at 475 Brickfield Road (Felix Dlamini Rd), Overport, Durban, 4091.


  • What makes Davines products unique? Davines stands out for its commitment to sustainability and creating products that offer superior hair care without compromising the health of our planet.
  • How do I know which treatment is right for me? Our experts at Logique will guide you through a personalized consultation to identify the best Davines treatment for your hair needs.
  • Can I purchase Davines products at Logique? Absolutely! We offer a range of Davines products for you to continue your hair care routine at home.

We look forward to welcoming you to Logique de Beaute and starting your journey to sustainable beauty with Davines. Your hair’s transformation awaits!