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The DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial can cheat the signs of ageing and improve the foundation of your skin – it’s an advanced enzyme treatment for your skin.


The foundation of healthy skin.


Logique De Beauté is introducing you to the transformative world of DMK Skincare. DMK is the foundation of healthy skin. DMK, stands for Danné Montague-King. He is the founder and scientist behind the amazing DMK skincare range. His DMK brand represents and shares our values and commitment to excellence in skincare.


The innovative and scientific DMK range is the root of high-quality products, formulated to address a multitude of skin concerns. DMK’s holistic approach can address skin problems ranging from acne-prone skin to aging concerns. The DMK brand furthermore, resonates with our community’s quest for lasting beauty and well-being.


The power of enzyme therapy.


DMK Enzyme Therapy is a powerful skincare treatment, formulated to make your skin glow! It’s an innovative facial therapy harnessing the remarkable power of enzymes to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin from the “outside in” (wink-wink).


Enzymes play a pivotal role in supporting the skin’s natural functions, while aiding in cellular turnover to promote a healthier complexion. Each treatment is tailored to your skin. Again it will address various concerns acne, such as congestion, aging signs and pigmentation issues.


The treatment stimulates the skin’s natural process. The DMK Enzyme Therapy is a facial treatment, which aims to encourage collagen production. Lastly, the facial will lead to firmer, more radiant skin besides being a luxurious experience. With enzyme therapy you can aim to nurture both your skin and your spirit.


The benefits of enzyme therapy.


  1. Restores the natural rhythm of the skin.

The DMK range builds on the concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, & PROTECT. DMK Enzyme Therapy is going to harmonize with your skin’s natural functions, to mimic them in every way. The process will reestablish your skin’s optimal balance, because it will aid in the build of a natural defense. It’s a transformative treatment which will work to revive your skin’s original rhythm and will make the problem within the skin return to its natural rhythm.


  1. Brightens skin tissue.

With enzymatic and plasmatic effects, it equally important supplies fresh & nutrient blood to the skin leaving it healthier, glowing and brighter.


  1. Supports your skin’s immune system.

It’s designed to bolster your skin’s defence mechanisms, nurturing its immune response for enhanced resilience against environmental stressors. Langerhans cells are stimulated and strengthen to help the skin fight infection and heal more quickly.


  1. Restores at a deep cellular level.

Most cosmetic treatments don’t make it past the skin’s surface, whereas DMK facials work at a cellular level. DMK is the only company to use beneficial effects of transferring messenger enzymes in a cross-enzyme membrane, cell communication. This may sound like rocket science, but this is much more complex. This is science that has been developed to improve the actual cells making up your skin.


  1. Improves structural stability of the skin.

Collagen and elastin are produces because of enzyme therapy applied to the skin. Muscle contractions during the facial treatment strengthens the neck and face muscles during treatments. The treatment prevents sagging as muscles are strengthen to firm and tighten the skin.


Enzyme therapy provides support for:


  • Calming and controlling reactive skin.
  • Pre and post operative surgery (advise your doctor before booking a consultation).
  • Wound management to assist or speed up the recovery process.
  • Enhances results of injection therapy such as BOTOX, fillers and mesotherapy.
  • Laser treatments.
  • LED lights therapy.
  • Chemical peels.


How to prepare for your DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment:


Your licenced DMK therapist will prep your skin in a few sessions to prepare it for the invasive skincare procedure, preventing any side-effects or unwanted reactions. When the health of your skin has been severely compromised due to medication, drug use, alcohol, a poor diet or environmental damage.


How the DMK enzyme therapy facial works.


The enzyme treatment is the most powerful and effective method of hydrolysing dead cell material from the skin tissues and detoxifying the skin of impurities. This lifts and tightens the skin for a firmer, youthful and glowing appearance. Our facial masques use reverse osmosis to progressively tighten the skin and remove impurities.


Reverse Osmosis: An action of forcing fluids through membranes around cells, known as “back-flushing” cleanse out impurities (lipofuscin) This leaves behind a clean white substance. Lipofuscin is a substance clear of any radicals, created by sun damage and other trauma to the skin.


Enzyme therapy actions:


The enzyme therapy treats 3 very important functions in the body:


  1. Facials muscles.
  2. Blood vessels of the skin.
  3. The lymphatic systems.


The DMK enzyme therapy facial’s plasmatic effect.

Logique De Beauté - DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment - Durban, KZN, Overport.

Logique De Beauté – DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment – Durban, KZN, Overport.

The enzyme treatments produce a peculiar effect, making blood vessels and lymph nodes respond with red lines. This appears around 20 min into the facial treatment. This is known as the plasmatic effect. This is also an indication that homeostasis has been induced and established.


Oxygenated blood rushes through dilated capillaries promoting the enzyme therapy. It’s physically seen after undergoing the facial treatment. The capillaries stand out like a roadmap. This is evidence of the treatments having penetrated deep enough for total dealation of the peripheral capillaries.


Enzyme Therapy is true oxygen therapy with real results, unlike using oxygenated crèmes with dangers and risks.


What skin problems can enzyme therapy address?


  • Sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Acne and congested skin.
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone.
  • Reactive or sensitive skin.
  • Assists in alleviating conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis.
  • Normal, dry, oily & combination skin.
  • For normal skin as an ongoing skin fitness program.